Starting with the scalp that covers the brain we all seem to neglect. Until one day some of us wake up that brain, finding out that not only the different hats one may wear has a story within it, but our on scalp is hat as well that’s been covering up our brain since conception. Wow, what protection our brain has. Now let’s put a hat on it giving it more protection. Most folks that do wear hats, wear them for many reason. Such as, extra protection from sun on the scalp that protects the brain so why not let’s protect the scalp with hat of our choose. Now we all know folks that do wear hats have there own style of hat of choose. So I would like to conduct a little survey and find out what kind of hat do my WA members like. Now if your not a hat lover, it’s ok. Purpose in this survey is to find out why one wears a hat to start with.

I myself prefer a cowboy hat, Brownish to black almost. Not only does it protect my scalp but my face as well. Not to mention I look great in a hat period. Another reason I love hats. The day I picked out that hat it was cause I liked the work on it. Now the question is, did I make a wise choose? I thought I did. Now I would like to hear what’s your favorite hat if you have one and why?

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